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We have a small selection of works from other artists that studied, worked, and played with Maybelle , as well as a few works by contemporary artists.
Some made it and are known, some faded into oblivion, some chose other careers or families.
Browse, enjoy, and pay homage to  youth and dreams.

Each is an original piece of work from the 1930's & 40's and some comtemporary.
All are subject to prior sale.

International shipping quote on request. Paypal only on international sales.
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Carolyn Hooper
15x19 overall. Oil on art board

$ 200.

C. Macy, 1938
14x18 overall.
Oil on board or masonite.
Appraised at $270 in 2012

$ 250.

J. Walter
11x14 Overall
Oil on artboard.
Damage in lower left.
 Appraised at $ 500 in 2001

$ 200.

Paul Van Boheeman
8x12 1/2
Oil on wood panel
Appraised at $225 in 2012

$ 175.

Original Currier & Ives Print
" The Wreck Of The Steamship San Fransisco"
Ships "Antartic" of New York, and "Three Bells" of Glasgow during rescue. In original frame which could use refinish. Print excellent.


"Fawn" ca. 1951
Navajo artist Harrison Begay - 1917-2012
Very slight stain on top of matting. Print perfect
Image - 10" x 12"
 Overall -13" x 17"


Early Indian Motorcycle Photo.
12 1/2x16 1/2
Ink smudge at bottom as shown. Great early Indian motorcycle photo.

$ 125.00